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  1. Ashley C

    Just recently we had a fabulous picnic at the zoo complete with goldfish and spent a wonderful afternoon exploring there. It was great!

  2. Barbara M

    I fondly remember my sis and I playing Tic Tac Toe using Goldfish crackers.
    thank you

  3. Anastasia Falling

    Our Goldfish Moments are doing mundane things together 🙂 Cooking dinner, household chores and other stuff that is usually "boring". By making them fun with the kids, we'll have time together and lots of great memories. Plus, the chores will be more fun too! 🙂

  4. sarah hirsch

    my goldfish moments are eating goldfish crackers as a snack on the way home from my son's baseball games

  5. Lauren Olivia Wood

    We used to eat goldfish crackers on the way to show cows at the fairgrounds when I was a child!

  6. Stacey b

    We take gold fish everywhere for snacking! I always alternate between the different flavors.

  7. Kathleen

    We play games and make crafts from Goldfish.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  8. Bruce

    snack in church

  9. Debbie B

    goldfish were always a great after school snack!

  10. Jeffrey

    My kids have been eating Goldfish Crackers since they were very little and still grab for them when we take road trips, go hiking or hop on our bicycles. I enjoy them too, my favorite are the Pretzels.

  11. mickeyfan

    4 stars
    I was recently in the store with my (20 something) daughter. She said "Oh, delicious" and grabs a bag and threw them in the cart. At least now she can buy them!

  12. Richard Hicks

    One of my favorite moments is seeing the joy on the kids faces when they eat them

  13. Christina Sparks

    I used to like to take my kids up to the hills with our snacks of goldfish crackers and watch the thunderstorm roll in.

  14. Leela

    It's nice to share a fun snack with my kids.

  15. Shannon

    I don't think my kids have ever had Goldfish!

  16. Stephanie Galbraith

    We used goldfish crackers for counting when the kids were little.

  17. joni

    We take them on our road trips.

  18. rachel cartucci

    My goldfish moment is when my son leaves a few on the table and our dog climbs the table to eat them but is too scared to get back down.

  19. erica best

    my nephew like to count them with my niece teaching her colors and numbers

  20. angie

    The first time I tried Goldfish, I was a high school junior. I bought the Parmesan ones while on vacation with my then boyfriend's family (he is my hubby now :-D). I have been a fan every since!

  21. Erica B.

    We take them on picnics.

  22. Lisa Garner

    One of my Goldfish moments is snacking on Goldfish with my daughter on the plane.

  23. Birdiebee

    Goldfish crackers are a great snack at the soccer field and a wonderful add-in to tomato soup on a cold winter day.

  24. Kimberly Hilbert

    We usually take a snack with us, and Goldfish is one of them, so we can have a picnic in the car.

  25. Ed

    We add this to macaroni and cheese!

  26. Ellie Wright

    Goldfish crackers are often my boys' after game snacks. So they love eating their goldfish on the way home and discussing the games.

  27. Brenda Elsner

    We use goldfish as bingo markers than eat them up when we are done!!!

  28. tina d reynolds

    I often have goldfish moments in the car since the calm my kiddos down

  29. Claudia Davis

    I love adding crushed goldfish to my mac n cheese then baking it.

  30. Kathy Pease

    We love to snack on them while watching movies together

  31. s riches

    5 stars
    We like to use goldfish when we play counting games and then eat them when we are done.

  32. Carolyn Daley

    A special moment with goldfish crackers is sharing them with my nephew while we watch a movie together when he visits.

  33. Amanda Sakovitz

    I remember eating these as a snack in elementary school

  34. Thomas Murphy

    My son and I love watching movies and eating the original Goldfish crackers!

  35. joe gersch

    my goldfish moments are giving them as snacks to my daughter


    We always take goldfish crackers when we go on road trips!

  37. Jerry Marquardt

    5 stars
    Goldfish crackers take me to a heavenly aura because they are so delicious.

  38. Sarah L

    No kids. I don't like Goldfish crackers. I do like Visa GCs.
    Thanks for the contest.

  39. CharityS

    We have Goldfish moments with a picnic in the park.

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