Bailey’s Chocolate Mousse

 Deliciously light, fluffy chocolate mousse infused with the sweet flavor of Bailey’s Irish Cream. Sure to have you feeling lucky this St. Patrick’s Day!

Bailey's Chocolate Mousse - deliciously light but so decadent!

 I had a moment the other day…..a moment where I started thinking about just how fun it would be to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day “adult-style”. I have those moments from time to time…..mainly because they’re so far out of my reach….and the thought of ditching all responsibilities for a day sounds absolutely amazing!

Bailey's Chocolate Mousse - deliciously light but so decadent!

 The last time we celebrated “adult-style” was the year Ellia was born. We had Grandma and Grandpa babysit for the day, we went out for brunch, we drank Guinness and Irish whiskey, we stayed out all day…… It was tons of fun, and a day I remember fondly. And then we came home. And we had to be parents to an almost one year old! And that’s the last time we ever went out on St. Patrick’s Day.

Bailey's Chocolate Mousse - deliciously light but so decadent!

 That’s just not where our lives are at right now….and chances are….it’s not where our lives will ever be again. And while part of me is disappointed, a bigger part of me is relieved. Especially now that we have 4 kids……can you imagine what that would feel like to come home to!?!?

Bailey's Chocolate Mousse - deliciously light but so decadent!

 That said, we still like to have fun every now and then. We just do it differently! Instead of downing shots, we down spoonfuls of decadent Bailey’s Chocolate Mousse. After downing our Reubens, of course. And you know what? It’s just as fun. And WAY more delicious.

Bailey's Chocolate Mousse - deliciously light but so decadent!


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Bailey's Chocolate Mousse
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 6 (1/2 cup) servings
  • 2 tsp. unflavored gelatin
  • 2 Tbsp. cold water
  • ¼ c. boiling water
  • ½ c. sugar
  • 2 Tbsp. cocoa powder (for a more intense chocolate flavor, add 1 additional Tbsp.)
  • 1½ c. heavy cream, very cold
  • ½ c. Bailey's, very cold
  • 1 tsp. vanilla
  1. Sprinkle gelatin over cold water in small bowl; stir and let stand 1 minute to soften.
  2. Add boiling water; stir until gelatin is completely dissolved. Let stand to cool.
  3. *Before preparing mousse, prep bowl and beaters by placing in the freezer for 15 minutes to chill.*
  4. Stir together sugar and cocoa in small mixing bowl; add heavy cream.
  5. Beat at medium speed until stiff peaks form; gradually pour in Bailey's, vanilla, and gelatin mixture, beating continuously at high speed until well-blended and soft peaks form.
  6. Spoon into serving dishes and place in refrigerator to chill. (*For a faster setting mousse, chill bowls before filling.)
  7. Chill 1 hour or until ready to serve.

Bailey's Chocolate Mousse - deliciously light but so decadent!

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  1. says

    I much prefer staying in for St. Patrick’s Day now, though I used to party hardy, too! :) This chocolate mousse looks fantastic, Cathy! I love that you added bailey’s to it. Looks so creamy and delicious!

  2. says

    Not sure how I missed this one i’m so glad I found it before March 17! It looks creamy, rich and delicious…another fabulous recipe my friend!

    • Nancy Lasker says

      Hahahaha..nutrition? I don’t think so..If you choose to eat must forgo the “Healthy” eating for the moment.

  3. Tracy Goodson says

    Made this s today and it was wonderful. I did not use the liquor and substituted the creamer flavored like Bailey’s.

  4. Linde says

    Wow!! I just finished making this for company today. Just licked the spoon! Awesome!!! Somebody tear me away from the dessert bowls!! Yikes! So light and fluffy. One minor change…..I always use dark cocoa so that’s what I had on hand. Will absolutely make this again! Loved how easy and fast it was.. Used my stand mixer with beater attachment. Thanks for the recipe!

  5. Nancy Carlson says

    Is there something else similar to baily’s
    that you could use but that isn’t alcohol?
    It looks delicious.

    • Cathy Trochelman says

      Hi Nancy,
      I haven’t tried it in this recipe, but what about Bailey’s flavored coffee creamer?

  6. DUSSAP says

    I want to make those Bailey’s chocolate mousse but I don’t understand the quantity ?!? I am so dissapointed…. Please help me …. I will try to translate the recipe in french if I can….
    Thanks in advance I like Baileys ! Kiss Karine

    • Snowflake says

      Here are the quantities in metric measures. North Americans measure everything by volume. Bon appetite!
      10 mL unflavored gelatin
      30 mL cold water
      60 mL boiling water
      120 mL sugar
      30 mL cocoa powder (for a more intense chocolate flavor, add additional 15 mL)
      360 mL heavy cream, very cold
      120 mL Bailey’s, very cold
      5 mL vanilla

  7. Monica says

    Um, Help! What did I do? I followed the directions to a T. My whips were nice and everything tasted delicious. When I did the last step and slowly added the gelatin mix my whip went completely to liquid. I could not get it to peak again. Any advice?

    • Cathy Trochelman says

      Did you let the gelatin mixture stand for a while to cool? My guess is it was too hot (?) Let me know and we can keep troubleshooting:)

      • Trish says

        I had the opposite happen. I had the sugar and cocoa mixed, added the hot water to the gelatin mixture then added my whipping cream to the chocolate mixture. By the time it peaked, my gelatin was solid and I had lumps of gelatin in my mousse! Oh and my house is kept at 65 degrees in the winter and it’s 15 degrees outside. Might put the gelatin in the microwave for a second to warm it back up some.

        still tasted good just lumpy

    • Kris says

      Same thing happened to me. My gelatin had been sitting in the fridge for at least ten minutes and felt cool. So much for my anniversary dessert.

      • Johnny says

        My gelatin turned to rubber before I added it to the mixture and then I just had rubber like pieces in my mousse. Guess I should have added it before it set? Otherwise, it tasted great!

        • Cathy Trochelman says

          Hi Johnny,
          So sorry! Yes, the gelatin needs to be added before it sets. Glad it still tasted good…minus the rubber pieces! Hope you give it another try :)

          • K says

            The gelatin set when it cools so about when do you add the gelatin? Overall, good flavor but was disappointed in the fact that I was picking chunks of gelatin out.

          • Cathy Trochelman says

            I’m so sorry this happened. I would only let the gelatin sit for as long as it takes you to do the next step. Hope this helps!

      • Cat says

        Same deal. Added the gelatin and it went weird texture and lost its whipped texture. Disappointed. Flavour ok but not smooth enough.

    • TD says

      I put the gelatin in the freezer, til it was slightly cold and just about starting to set. I added it last, after I had incorporated all the bailey’s and vanilla and made the whip slightly thicker than just soft peaks. I incorporated all the liquid REALLY gradually, about 1/8th to 1/4 cup at a time and kept scraping the sides so it was well mixed. I had also kept the bailey’s and vanilla in the freezer till I was ready to use it.

      The texture was brilliant! My brother is really fussy about his mousse and the texture, and he loved it!

    • Cathy Trochelman says

      Hi Olivia! Would the mousse be like a layer in the middle? It does set pretty nicely so I would think it would work! Good luck :)

      • Sandra says

        I made this mousse, so nice, but made a fat less sponge, just 1 layer, then when cold mixed 1/4 tsp whiskey to just about1/4-1/2 cup of good filter coffee, put the sponge into a spring form tin, put in the sponge, painted with whiskey n coffee mixture, set it to chill while it was doing that got a bar if good chocolate & using a veg peeler made some curls n shavings did the same with some white to break the colour up a bit, when set unmolded it , decided it needed some thing else, managed to get some small Strawberries, with the stalk on put them round the edge, 12 in all 1 for each slice then added the curls. It was very rich, loved every mouth full, the two guys had a second slice each, the next morning I found my hubby eating a slice for his breakfast at which point I sent him out on a 5 Mike bike ride!

  8. Gercia Pelser says

    Hi, I’m from South Africa and this recipe looks so devine! I was just wondering what can I use as a substitute for “Baileys” because we dont have that product available here! :)

  9. TD says

    Hi Cathy!

    Thanks so much for sharing this recipe with us!

    I made this for my brother’s birthday, and he absolutely loved it (he’s really fussy about the texture of his mousse)! I added extra cocoa in mine to make it more chocolatey, but I could definitely have had a lot more chocolate and been happy.

    I like that this recipe doesn’t have egg. Do you know what one can use as a substitute for gelatin?

  10. Sue says

    This recipe looks delicious and I’d definitely like to make it for Christmas.
    However as a Brit I would like to say that the casual use of the name Irish Car Bomb is really offensive. Enjoy a Guinness by all means but please don’t glorify terrorist.

      • Linda L. says

        Hi Cathy,

        I’m Irish and I share Sue’s concern. I opened this after you said it was gone – it’s still there.

        • Barbara says

          Yall do realize that an Irish Car Bomb is a drink don’t you? It is not a casual use of the name as Sue stated. Cathy meant nothing offensive about it. It is what it is… A Drink.
          Main alcohol: Irish whiskey, Stout, Irish cream
          Ingredients: 1/4 oz. Irish whiskey, 1 pint Irish stout, 1/4 oz. Coffee liqueur, 1/2 oz. Irish cream
          Preparation: The whiskey is floated on top of the Irish cream in a shot glass, and the shot glass is then dropped into the stout.
          Have one and chill.

        • Cathy Trochelman says

          Hi Linda, I didn’t realize it was in more than one place. I’ve removed the remaining phrase of concern. Thanks.

  11. says

    Cathy, I’m a vegetarian. Is the gelatin essential, or can I leave it out? If leaving it out isn’t an option, is there a vegetarian-friendly substitute for gelatin?

  12. Meliae says

    Hi there, I’ve seen I’m not the only one wanting to use a different alcohol so I guess I’ll have to try that out myself if nobody else has already lol (or maybe a little more googling), however I also can’t have cocoa, do you think that I could sub that out for say a vanilla or white hot choc powder? And perhaps leave out some of the sugar from the recipe?

    I will also be trying it with coconut cream as dairy is a bit out of bounds for me so maybe it’ll just be a big experiment =P

    • Cathy Trochelman says

      Hi Meliae, It definitely sounds like an experiment! I have never tried this mousse with different types of alcohol, so I can’t speak to how it would turn out. Maybe I’ll have to come up with another version! Good luck with your experimenting!

  13. Kelly says

    I have made this wonderful mousse twice. First with Original Bailey’s, second time with Salted Caramel Bailey’s. Wonderful both times! Easy, impressive, divine!

  14. Ordinary says

    Found this recipe on Pinterest and decided to give it a go.

    Terrible idea, the recipe is far too liquidy when you add the gelatin and baileys and literally never whips up. Tried counteracting with all sorts of thickening agents to no avail. Thanks for wasting my precious alcohol.

    • Cathy Trochelman says

      Sorry you had problems with the recipe. I’ve made it several times with no similar issues. Did you follow the recipe exactly, including starting with very cold ingredients and a chilled bowl/beaters?

      • Anna says

        I had exactly the same problem, plus the mixture split, possibly because I kept beating it in the hope it would thicken up. Followed the recipe to the absolute letter.

  15. says

    Just put this in the fridge…tastes great but I am pretty sure I have way more than 6 half-cup servings! I think my six servings are at least 3/4 cup each, maybe a little more. Next time I’ll put at least 8 glasses in the fridge to chill. =)

  16. Jaimie says

    I was having trouble getting the stiff peaks to form while mixing on medium speed, so I mixed on high and it worked out great. This tastes fantastic! Thanks for the recipe.

  17. Deena says

    I just made this for my book club and it was a big hit!!! I doubled the recipe and it came out perfectly – the right peaks at each step, no clumps! I love it when a Pinterest recipe works out. Thanks for a great recipe! :-)

  18. Louise says

    I made the mousse earlier today but adapted the recipe slightly (less sugar, more baileys and a touch more gelatin) then used it to fill large choux buns that I topped with chocolate ganache, they were fantastic.

  19. Natalya says

    Hello! Plan on making this! Can I give it to my kid? Doesn’t seem like the alcohol would be cooked off

    • Rose says

      I think you can give to your kids, because baileys amount in the recipe is not much and as will be mix with the cream and chocolate wont be too strong, but if you are not so sure you can just add half, i tried this recipe and because only adults were trying it I decided add more baileys because i taste before put it on the fridge and for me the baileys taste was very subtle.

      Hope it helps!

  20. Rose says

    OMG! Your recipe is brilliant! I tried it last time for a family dinner and everybody loved it!!!
    I only add a lil bit more of Bailey´s to the recipe

    oh! … and double thumbs up for you cuz is so freaking easy to make!!

    Thanks for sharing! ^_^

  21. Sharkie says

    If I leave out the Bailey’s entirely (and don’t want to use another alcohol), do I need to add more of another liquid to keep the recipe the same consistency?
    Also, I assume that the gelatin used is powdered gelatin (not the sheets), as you say “sprinkle gelatin” – is this correct please?


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