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  1. Rebecca Thomas

    my favorite way is on top of a salad!

  2. Kerry

    I love it in baked spaghetti!

  3. LAMusing

    I love pepperoni and pineapple on my pizza!

  4. Ellie Wright

    Besides pizza, I like to add layers of pepperoni to my lasagna.

  5. Annette

    5 stars
    My favorite way to use pepperoni is on pizza.

  6. Janice Cooper

    My favorite way to use pepperoni is on my pizza

  7. Thomas Murphy

    I like it on pizza.

  8. Tina W

    I love pepperoni in pasta salads.

  9. Tabathia B

    I only care for it on pizzas or wraps

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  10. stanp

    This certainly is a variation on the traditional (and basic) grilled cheese sandwich and looks AWESOME !

    Love pepperoni and it's a nice addition to the recipe..but to be honest the other ingredients make the sandwich for me.

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  16. Shay

    Looks good, I see all of the tasty ingredients that are sure to make this sandwich very flavorful.

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