1. My favorite way to use pepperoni is on top of homemade chicken parmesan. The pepperoni adds an awesome flavor to the meal and I truly don’t think I could eat it without pepperoni anymore!

  2. I just opened this recipe AFTER we had lunch. BUT I just happened to have purchased some Hormel pepperoni two days ago. We are trying to cut back on “carbs” so I put several slices of turkey breast on the cutting board, put several slices of pepperoni spread over the top of each, Then added a “stick” of jack cheese, a strip of dill pickle and rolled them up. They are so tasty so that adds to the sense of feeling full. DEElicious. I LOVE pepperoni, I could eat it three times a day on eggs, pizza, calzone, or just plain slices. The sandwich (with bread) looks delicious.

  3. I commented on 2/11 along with tweeting but I see my comment never showed up for some reason so I am trying again.

    I like pepperoni on homemade pizza with mozzarella and peppers..

  4. Pepperoni in our house is mostly used for pizza, its one of my kids’ favorite toppings. I also like adding it to meatballs and tomato soup.

  5. I have only ever used it on pizza. Interesting to use in grilled cheese though! Thanks for the nice giveaway!


  6. I buy pepperoni from the deli counter to use for sandwiches, or we add it to grilled cheese sandwiches. We never get tired of it!

  7. This certainly is a variation on the traditional (and basic) grilled cheese sandwich and looks AWESOME !

    Love pepperoni and it’s a nice addition to the recipe..but to be honest the other ingredients make the sandwich for me.

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