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I never used to think much of Valentine’s Day. I never used to decorate much for it or celebrate it much more than a romantic dinner out with Jorden. But now that’s all changed. And not just because of blogging, but also because, as my kids get older, it’s more and more fun to get ready for holidays! They are interested in how I decorate and how they can help me, how we celebrate and who we invite. They care about eating fun foods and having fun parties and, maybe most importantly, they love having something to look forward to.

Since Valentine’s Day is all about LOVE, the kids can really get into it. And so I decided to get my Valentine’s decorations up early this year. (I find that the decorations help us get in the spirit of the season…)

I started with my living room vignette and worked my way out to the mantel in the family room. Have I mentioned how much I love having a mantel?? I’ve decorated it for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and now Valentine’s Day… Jorden says he can’t even remember what our “normal” decorations look like! That’s okay – they’re not nearly as fun as all this holiday decor :)

I was inspired by the neutral colors in our new fireplace and wanted to incorporate simple, natural materials into the design. It took some time, but eventually I got it just right… except…. something was missing!

I’ve never made garland before, but I love the way it completes a look. So I rummaged through my art supplies and found these simple materials:
The paper didn’t come pre-cut, but I just cut a wide triangle out of small pieces of cardstock and glued a small doily (Target $1 section) onto each one. I used the same red cardstock for the hearts.
I punched 2 holes at the top of each piece and strung them together with heavy twine.

They are the perfect finishing touch for the mantel!



Pretty Simple.

Thanks for taking a peek inside my Lemon Tree Dwelling!
I hope you feel right at home :)

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    HI Cathy I’m over from The Shabby Chic Cottage from Transformation Thursday. I love the simplicity of your garland. It’s easy, inexpensive and so very cute and perky. Think I have all the supplies already to make so will be getting onto it most likely tomorrow (maybe even start on it later tonight). Should clean the bathroom but might have to postpone that to make the garland. Shame on me. I love making garlands. If I can find where to subscribe I’ll be a new admirer. Love what I see so far.
    I’ve been making Valentine decos but was waiting til I found the just right garland idea. Thanks for the inspiration. I don’t have a mantel but do have a shutter shelf (idea off a blog also) hubs made for me late last year which I love decorating. To decorating and having fun doing it with what you have. I love shopping in my own stuff. Happy weekend.

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    Hi Cathy! I’m your newest GFC follower ~ just found you through the Pin Me Link Party :)
    I love banners and thought yours was really cute so I stopped by to let you know..I also pinned it :)


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