The Little Ornaments (That Almost Weren’t)


It’s been a rough year with Christmas ornaments. I’ve had A LOT of fails, a few near misses, and more time wasted than I care to talk about. I have chased children around Michael’s on numerous occasions while searching for inspiration, I have ransacked our craft supplies and littered our dining room table for weeks now with the beginnings of ideas that were never brought to fruition, and I have considered (briefly) the idea of just not making any this year.

But I am stubborn, and the thought that I would let the ornaments get the best of me didn’t sit well. In fact, I am so stubborn that I’m still convinced I will be able to tweak one or more of the “fails” for future years…and I’m not willing to ruin the surprise by showing you pictures!

I told you – super stubborn.

Which is why, on my last trip to Michael’s, I just started throwing things into my cart. Anything that caught my eye. Anything that had any potential. Anything I could find that I could possibly turn into a Christmas ornament! The ornaments must not win!!  :)

And when I got home, I opened up my bags, looked at what I had found, and picked up this giant bag of wooden beads. Ooooooh – so colorful! Ladies and Gentlemen, I think we have a winner!

In order to make them (slightly) less cutesy and kids’ craft projectsy, I decided to stack them on long (3 inch) nails and use a thicker wire as the hanger.

Okay, so they are quirky. And kind of cutesy. But I kind of love them! Despite the looks I keep getting from Jorden, which seem to ask “Is that seriously what you came up with after all this time…?”
Yes, Jorden, yes it is.
My little ornaments that almost weren’t :)
Thanks for taking a peek inside my Lemon Tree Dwelling!
I hope you feel right at home :)


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    Thanks for the ornament last night, Cathy! They are cute and colorful, and remind me of the uniqueness of each person who hangs them on the tree! Have a great New Year!

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