Thanksgiving Napkin Rings


One of our favorite dinner conversation topics is, “What was the best part of your day?”  The answers we hear always provide great insights into what matters most – in terms of school, activities, friendships, work – to each member of our family.
And, not surprisingly, the answers are most often very simple.

“Reading books with Grandma.”
“Playing with Taylor & Patrick.”
“Snuggling on the couch with Daddy.”
“Watching Max & Ruby.”

It is always the simple things that bring us the most joy. It is the simple things that tug on our heartstrings and remind us to GIVE THANKS.

It is this spirit of simplicity that I wanted to convey in my Thanksgiving preparations. These rolled cloth napkins, wrapped with buttons and twine and tucked with a broken twig, are the perfect start.
They are perfectly simple. Simply beautiful. Like so much we are grateful for.
Thanks for taking a peek inside my Lemon Tree Dwelling!
I hope you feel right at home :)


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    Hi Cathy – these napkin rings are so beautiful. I really like your use of the fall colored buttons with the natural twig and twine. I’m now following you. Hope you will come by and visit me at

    Happy Thanksgiving.

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